What is MahuWahine?

This is a common question, but MahuWahine is a newish term used to refer to Transgender Women. This is from the terms in Hawaiian.

Mahu – is a term that has been used as a derogatory term for gay men and drag queens. This can loosely translate to men with sweetness. When translated from English it comes to a name for the devil.

Wahine – is the term of women or female in Hawaiian. the counterpart is Kane which means male or men.

So MahuWahine as a term can be translated as – men with sweetness women. Thus, a transgender woman (male-to-female).

So why use this as a company name? Well, the recapture of terms that may be “offensive” needs to be done somehow. So I am, okay with taking this challenge directly to showcase the importance of the Mahu community.

As an intersex person, who wishes to be themselves the only way to be normal may be to fit into the Transgender Box, this can lead to concerns of feeling disconnected, because we know the truth in our own head. The social climate still does not allow us to fully express ourselves openly. So wearing derogatory terms with pride and honor, can help some of us feel connected.


So the concept of MahuWahine for the me is not one of pain, even though it reminds me of the past pain. Remembering the past has helped me learn to grow into the “strong” person I feel I am today. So the main reason for the use of MahuWahine as the Brand Name is actually fully about remembering my roots even with other cultures. It also pushes me to have hope for a better future. Be I called tumtum or bakla, it is all good because I openly welcome all these terms because I will not hide from who I am, nor will I hide what I am. I am proud to be myself. If you are are please stand up and wave your banner or colors for all to see.

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