Ways to overcome Negative Thoughts

From time to time we each take stock of our own experiences, and we need to focus on what we have learned over the day, week, year, or any time frame.

Personally, this task sometimes puts me into a negative headspace, and it is possible the same happens to you. if this is the case remember it is okay. You are not alone in this feeling. It happens we sometimes feel alone and like we are the only one traveling this solo.

Here are some ways to relax if you start to feel lost or alone. (some of these are my personal methods)

1. Enjoy the company of friends, both human and non-human. This is not always done in person for our human friends. Sometimes it means scheduling a video call to just chill or chat.

2. Do something creative, regardless of how simple it seems. Color in a coloring book, work on a puzzle, knit, sew, sing or try something you enjoy.

3. Meditate, this may seem like a crazy idea but it can really help us clear our mind. Taking some time to reflect on our own thoughts and find peace within our self.

Remember: Do not blame yourself. We all face these thoughts and concerns. You are amazing just being yourself.

Be Brave – Be Yourself, no one can ever be you.

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