Coaching – Life, Romance, or Business

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This is a service program, this can include planning, discussion, venting, or any type of communication needed. Assistance with goal setting, business set-up, and additional services to assist in building a brighter future for our lives.


The main rule: Campfire: leave the place or person better than when first met.

I never give up, but I can also only assist those willing to assist themselves. Please note, I am a real person, and will happily maintain communication in a style that helps promote comfort. this can be professional, friendly, parental, or even demanding. This is based on your preferences. I am here to help you no matter the situation.


This is a setup for communication: please feel free to reach out directly to to set up a meeting (free) to discuss options and find pricing.

pricing is set but can be negotiated based on each situation and need. (remember campfire rule)


This is not medical or psychological treatment. This is only supportive communication and planning. If you feel you are in need of psychological assistance please talk to your medical provider to find a therapist near you.


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