My name is Averianna Nunies, better known as Averi or MahuWahine. I am a social cause advocate, gamer, streamer, and multi-educated individual. I have started this website/blog to allow more people to get to know me and open my life and experience up with others.

I have many interests and plans to help make changes on a global scale. As an intersex individual, who was designated (after surgery) Male at birth, then growing up and living as a boy. Finally, being able to transition into the body which feels correct for me. Many have deemed me a Transgender Woman but this is because of social understanding.

When people ask about my pronouns it is easy for me to say it is up to you, but most people see me as my gender expression of female, as I conform to social identities. I am open and honest about my life and experiences. I also feel the ability to offer a safe and inviting space to ask questions, and learn is the best method to help grow understanding and acceptance of differences.

My Motto is Be Brave, Be Yourself. This is because the only person who can be you is you. I would fail if I tried to be you, and you will fail if you try to be me. So please share love, and support by always being yourself…as long as it is safe to do so.


With love and hope for a brighter future,